Run adjustments
by Robert H. Calloway

Engine run adjustments.

This may save you some time and hassle getting the engine to operate.
Let me say here that the engine does indeed have some fairly wide run parameters. Install all disks on the shafts in repel position. Do not install the helper magnets at this time. Adjust the sun disk so that the gaps between it and the planet disks are about 1/4 of a inch at face to face (Pic A) . Install your actuator at a 1/32 air gap to the sun disk (Pic C) .

Now, turn one of the planet disks by hand so the sun disk is rotating clockwise. Check for any binding. Just a smooth recock or reload and release. Now hold the planet disk in the reload position (Pic A) . Now let it go, allowing the sun disk to turn clockwise.
The next magnet in line on the sun disk must go through the actuator angled magnet. If it does not, decrease the air gaps between the sun and planet disks until it does so. Record air gap measurement. Now measure torque using a torque wrench or use the 9/16 wrench method and record the weight it takes for turning the PLANET disk to get it into the reload position. Remove the sun disk. Place the helper magnets behind the planet disks, by super gluing or some other method (some thoughts here from the group).
Be sure they attract to the back side of the planet disks. (Pic D) . With the sun disk still removed, adjust the planet disks gap to the helper magnet by measuring 1/2 the weight or 1/2 the torque if you used a torque wrench.
In other words each planet disk will be pulling the measured torque when the sun disk was in place. So each planet disk needs to pull 1/2 that torque plus a little. a little. Folks we are adjusting magnetic flux fields. All engines will be slightly different. You have to use horse sense here. If you do not have any, go find someone that does for that adjustment.
Therefore all measurements are approximant. If your planet disks are too close to the helper magnets, you will have a release problem. If they are not close enough, they will never pull the sun disk into loaded position. This is where it would be handy to have some kind of adjustabilty to the helper magnets.
Install the sun disk and adjust to the recorded air gap. If the engine tries to run while adjusting, remove the actuator, but put it back in the same place after adjustments to the sun disk gaps.
The engine will now start turning if you are in the ball park. You can play with engine speed by increasing the actuator magnet angle.

Remember. Repel force is less at the lower part of the angle because you are closer to the bloch wall. A steeper angle means a easier entry gate. To a certain point. If you grind away to much magnet material gauss rating will drop drastically causing it not to give the required force on the sun disk to get past over center at the planet disks. So it has to played with.
But for now, just get it running. Robert