How it works
by Robert H. Calloway

Folks, If you would print A, B, C, D, E drawings, it may help with the explanation of the engine.
As we rotate the center disk by hand clockwise, the unit continuously changes from loaded to release. This is done because all magnet poles are repelling.
Also there is a gear ratio differential continuously being changed. The ratio is 2:1 or 1:2 at all times. When the engine is turned to the loaded position and allowed to return to release position on its own, the ratio is 2:1 from the planet gears to the sun gear.
It has a lot of force built in to this release. I have mine documented in inch lbs. which I will post later.
To make the engine run we have to somehow get the disks in the loaded position for free. To do this we bring attraction into the game. Attraction will overcome repel every time, and easily using the 2:1 gear ratio. With the engine now in release (Pic B) refer to (Pic D) . We place a attracting magnet behind each planet disk to help pull the sun disk into the loaded position at a 2:1 gear ratio. Also we place a actuator magnet in the repel mode against one of the sun disk magnets. So it is also helping to get the engine loaded using a 1:2 gear ratio. It also tends to help give the engine a sense of direction.
As the engine reaches the end of the final loaded position, this is where magnet overlap between the disks need to be adjusted correctly. This determines the time of centerpoint for release. If centerpoint is to early, it won't release properly from the attracting magnets to the planet disks. This causes a clanking of the gears as it turns, because of the harse shift in gear ratio's. If centerpoint is too late you waste valuable release force and the magnet next in line on the sun disk may not have enough power to overcome the actuator magnet.
Yes, when adjusted properly the release is so strong that it drives the next magnet in line on the sun disk right through the repelling actuator magnet. This is why Bowman had such close gaps between his alinco magnets, he was trying to make his release as strong as possible. Which increases engine speed.
With neo35 magnets we don't have to get that close. It does nothing but chase its own tail setting it up for the next magnet.

I will go through the adjustment steps of the engine in the next email. I apologize for the poor drawings, maybe someone can draw them better.