Tips & tricks

  • Grinding actuator.
    Grinding the actuator will heat up the magnet. You must avoid this because it destroys the NEO.
    A way of cooling is: Get a thick piece of aluminum. Put a small puddle of water on it. Hold warm magnet in puddle against aluminum. It will instantly suck the heat from the magnet.

  • Grinding in general.
    • When grinding your magnets, wrap the bottom half of the magnet with aluminum foil and coil a wire around the foil to secure it on the magnet. Solid MIG/TIG Aluminum welding wire will work, or even magnet wire. You will have a big heat sink depending how much foil you use. You can even dip the end of the foil in a cold glass of water for more heat transfer, or blow cool air from a fan through it as you're grinding. Be careful it isn't too cold or the magnet may crack from the temperature difference.
    • Place a steel rod or screw driver on the end of the magnet that will be cut off so the little piece doesn't fly off and land on your skin or eye and burn a hole through it. (Wear eye protection, duh. Wear a mask so you don't breath the poison metal dust.)
    • Place a steel plate in the vicinity of where the Neodymium dust will fly off as you are grinding to collect the magnetic dust.
    • Have a fire extinguisher or wet towel just in case the dust explodes or starts to burn.

  • Mounting rotors.
    When drilling holes in the sun and planet rotors, drill extra holes between the magnet holes on both the planet and sun rotors. This extra hole could then be used to insert a dowel rod (temporarily) to line up the sun and planet rotors while tightening the nuts on the gears.